M Clare Pierson
                   Counselling Psychologist
                   20 Lydia Street
                   Greymouth 7805
                                   MNZPsS; NZPsS; I Couns Psyc; ISSTD
                   Phone:  64 3 768 0227
                          Mobile: 64 21 275 2012



Counselling/Therapy           Adults, couples and children. EAP counselling.

Therapies                                 DNMS - Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy
                                                        EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing
                                                        IDT - Interactive Drawing Therapy
 Supervision                           Clinical and Professional Supervision

 Christian Spirituality for the 21st Century          

 Groups                                      Spirituality of the New Cosmology - Greymouth and Hokitika
                                                        Journey of the Universe Educational Series
                                                        Canticle to the Cosmos; The Powers of the Universe; The Earth's Imagination.

Individuals                               Personal Spiritual Guidance; Retreats.

Other Group Workshops   The Work that Reconnects
                                                        Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream