M Clare Pierson
                  Spiritual Accompaniment
                  14 Cowper  Street
                  Greymouth 7805
                       MNZPsS; NZPsS I Couns Psych
                       Phone:  64 3 768 0227
                       Mobile: 64 21 275 2012

                   Email: hesed@paradise.net.nz





CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY for the 21st Century  

The relationship between modern scientific discoveries and traditional teachings, beliefs and rituals.

      Group Facilitation: For adults in Greymouth and Hokitika.

  • presentation of mterial by the facilitator for reflection, discussion, integration and application in our lives
  • DVD presentations include talks by Brian Swimme:
    • The Canticle to the Cosmos
    • The Earth's Imagination
    • The Powers of the Universe
    • The Universe - Educational Programme and
    • Ilia Delio - Spirituality and Theology

Two current evening groups have been in progress for some years. new daytime groups may be formed provided that four or more people are interested in attening on a fortnightly basis.(Conditions Apply)

      RETREATS   Non-residential may be offered for individuals or small groups on a daily or weekend basis

     ACCOMPANIMENT   for individual adults on a fortnightly basis. Content in response to the persons requests.                

Other Group Workshops:

  •   The Work that Reconnects
  •    Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream